Advice For Business Owners On Handling The Current Covid State Of Flux

Saturday Mar 28th, 2020

The arrival of Covid-19 to the U.S. caused a serious rift in how we conduct our lives and do business. To adapt, we all made a lot of changes in a very short time period. But even after all those adjustments, we're certain of one thing: more change is coming. In a recent blog post, Corey Sayles of Sayles Industries outlines what Google has done to address the resultant web traffic and how businesses can handle the fluidity of the situation.

"Customers are increasingly online for up-to-date information about the status of local businesses, and their first stop is often the Google my Business (GMB) profile," states Sayles in a recent email. Updating business hours, describing community support, and using Google posts as a newsfeed represent a few of the methods Sayles recommends that businesses use to relay pertinent information effectively.

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