DCED Updates FAQS to Address Yellow Phase of Reopening

Friday May 8th, 2020

As we enter the Yellow Phase of reopening parts of Pennsylvania, the ECRDA will provide continued guidance and support for businesses in the midst of adapting to the new normal of operations. We're in this together for the long haul. To remain up-to-date on PA guidelines for reopening, please regularly check DCED's business FAQs.

Please note that questions 3 & 4 on the FAQ pertain specifically to the Yellow Phase:

3. What categories of businesses are required to continue to suspend in-person operations in the Yellow Phase according to the Governor’s Process to Reopen Pennsylvania Plan?

Under the Process to Reopen Pennsylvania, businesses in the following categories are required to continue to suspend in-person operations, or in the case of restaurants and bars continue to operate on a limited basis (curbside pickup, takeout or delivery) until their county is designated as being in the Green Phase:

  • Indoor recreation, health and wellness facilities and personal care services
  • All entertainment
  • Indoor malls; and
  • Restaurants and Bars

What type of businesses fall under "indoor recreation," "health and wellness facilities," and "all entertainment" categories, that are required to continue to suspend in-person operations in the Yellow Phase?

  • Indoor Recreation, Health and Wellness Facilities and Personal Care Services and all Entertainment must remain closed in the Yellow Phase.
  • Indoor recreation includes bowling, arcades, racquetball and other indoor sports or training, go-kart and other racing, laser tag, pool halls, trampoline facilities, indoor mini golf, and other similar facilities.
  • Health and wellness facilities include gyms, saunas, tattoo and piercing shops, tanning, spas, hair salons, nail salons, entities that provide massage therapy, and other similar facilities.
  • Entertainment includes casinos, theaters, concerts, museums, zoos and botanical gardens, racetracks, professional, semiprofessional, or amateur/membership sports teams or clubs, amusement and water parks, carnivals, playgrounds, and other similar facilities.
  • Indoor malls must remain closed. Only tenants with external entrances may open (if they follow the business guidance) as well as pharmacy or health care tenants with either interior or external entrances

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