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Discover Erie County

Where opportunity, innovation, and connectivity meet.

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Erie County’s location at the intersection of two major interstates and a Great Lakes port puts us within a day’s drive of half of North American cities.

Our economy is driven by a skilled workforce that has adapted to meet the high-tech demands of today’s enterprises. Erie boasts innovative sectors, including cybersecurity, plastics innovation, biomedical research, advanced manufacturing and green technology, agriculture and food processing industries.

Along with a robust infrastructure and industries, Erie has a talented network of economic development agencies, community groups, and philanthropic organizations that work together to support new and expanding businesses.

Combine all that with miles of sandy beaches on Lake Erie, a world-class arts and culture scene, and a fulfilling quality of life, and you’ll find that Erie is not just a place to do business; it’s a place to grow, innovate, and succeed.

Explore the possibilities that await you in Erie County.

Choose Erie Website

Get valuable up-to-date information about Erie County, including a community profile, industry insights, logistics, and market and workforce advantages.

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Erie Workforce

Erie County is home to one of the nation’s most highly skilled workforces. Learn how our highly skilled workforce supports Erie businesses.

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Data Center

A website resource for business owners and entrepreneurs up-to-date information on Erie County’s workforce, facilities, logistics, industry trends and more.

Visit the Data Center page on the Erie County Website.

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