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Our Team

Tina Mengine

Chief Executive Officer

Email Tina (814) 480-0337 Ext. 101
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Linda Robbins

Chief Financial Officer

Email Linda (814) 480-0337 Ext. 301
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Leah Manino

Vice President of Finance and Lending

Email Leah (814) 480-0337 Ext. 103
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Ed Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Email Ed (814) 480-0337 Ext. 104
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Ti Sumner

Director of Brownfields and Grant Management

Email Ti (814) 480-0337 Ext. 202
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Katrina Keeley

Grant Administrator

Email Katrina (814) 480-0337 ext. 107
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Ethan Bennett

Loan Officer

Email Ethan (814) 480-0337 Ext. 106
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Meghan Sleezer

Compliance Officer

Email Meghan (814) 480-0337 Ext. 105
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Susan Ronto

Office Manager

Email Susan (814) 480-0337 Ext. 100
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Amy Cuzzola-Kern, PhD

Special Project Manager

Email Amy (814) 480-0337 Ext. 304
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Larry Bossolt

Special Project Consultant

Email Larry (814) 480-0337 Ext. 302
Learn More About Larry