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Remediation Projects

Erie Coke Corporation


925 E Bay Drive
Erie, PA 16507

The Erie Coke Corporation Property ("Site") is located at the foot of East Avenue in the City of Erie. The current owner of the Site is Erie Coke Corporation ("Erie Coke"). The Site consists of approximately 194 acres in total, of which approximately half of which are land and approximately half of which are submerged under water. The Site has been used for industrial purposes since approximately 1833. It was operated as an industrial coke production facility from approximately 1925 to 2019. Coke is produced by baking coal at extremely high heat.

Quin-T Tech Paper and Board Site


140 East 16th St.
Erie, PA 16503

In 2020, the Enterprise Development Center of Erie County (EDCEC), an affiliate of the Erie County Redevelopment Authority (ECRDA), purchased the former Quin-T site to tackle industrial blight, particularly in areas of environmental justice concern. The site was a former paper and roofing manufacturing facility that utilized asbestos in its finished products, making it a highly toxic environment. Manufacturing shut down in 2005, and the site has been vacant since then, plagued by fires, vandalism, and posing a danger to the community.

Immediately upon purchase of the site, the team began assessing the site and the careful and deliberate removal of hazardous materials, asbestos, and debris before demolition. We intend to remediate the site to PA DEP ACT 2 standards so it may safely be put back into productive use.

Erie Malleable Iron Co.


601 West 12th St.
Erie, PA 16501

In 2020, the Enterprise Development Center of Erie County (EDCEC), an affiliate of the Erie County Redevelopment Authority (ECRDA), purchased the former Erie Malleable Iron site as part of its mission to tackle industrial blight and to meet the challenge of creating a new, quality, move in industrial and class-A office space. Founded in 1840, Erie Malleable Iron was a major manufacturer of boilers, stationary and portable engines, sawmills, and steam riveting machinery. It also manufactured railroad freight and passenger cars. By 1880, it was one of the largest manufacturers of boilers and engines in the United States and, at one time, operated on three corners of West 12th & Cherry Streets. EMI closed its doors in 2001. This 5.5-acre site was the original operation’s last remaining building(s). Modern Industries purchased the property in 2008, utilized the site for storage, and allowed the facility to fall into disrepair.

Located along Erie’s original industrial corridor and mainline into downtown, this site is considered among the region’s worst examples of industrial blight. Once purchased, an immediate site assessment determined that the existing 200,000 sq. ft. facility was used as a dump site and that a significant clean-up was need. A full assessment is complete. Site clean-up and demolition of approximately two-thirds of the existing building(s) is complete, and the rehabilitation of the remaining building is underway. At the same time, we finish remediation at the site.