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ECRDA Has Breakthrough Year

Tina Mengine
Tina Mengine, CEO of ECRDA

CEO's Message

In early 2022, when we brought you our 2021 Annual Report, we gave a forecast that the year ahead would be filled with change — and that the Erie County.

Redevelopment Authority would be at the heart of that change. It’s pretty clear that we were on to something with that prediction. Just a cursory glance at this year’s Annual Report speaks to our breakthrough year. 

ECRDA has been breaking records in lending, using our one-stop shop to support our local businesses.

We’ve been breaking barriers through grant funding, helping to support a range of enterprises — individuals, small businesses, start-up initiatives, and multimillion-dollar projects. This also allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to diversity, a promise we made in 2021’s Annual Report, while also giving us the opportunity to create partnerships throughout Erie County.

And, perhaps most visibly, we are breaking ground — literally — with our real estate projects. That includes cleanup and demolition at the former EMI on West 12th Street and an exciting development at Joyce Savocchio Opportunity Park, among other projects.

We’re proud of our accomplishments, but we see this as just the start of our momentum. We ended 2022 not with a period but with an ellipsis, signaling there is more to come. What will 2023 bring? Stay tuned ...

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